tisdag 6 augusti 2013

Red Sand

Lo folks, those of you who have played mass effect will know that Red Sand is a drug in the mass effect universe, but here it refers to the red sands of Mars, I'll be basing warzone minis, I have made a couple of different versions and feedback on whichever is better would be greatly appreciated.

The question is how do we paint this:

here we go:

Macharite red wased with earthshade.

Calthan Brown washed with baal red

Blood red washed with earthshade

illyaden darksun (dark yellow) washed first with baal red then earthshade.

darksun washed with feugan orange and then earthshade.
The last one isn't quite so shiny when the last wash has dried.

I myself like the last two, which are very similiar.

Any thought? if not, then until next time...

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